Prince George’s County Rain Check Rebate

The Chesapeake Bay Trust is proud to partner with Prince George’s County on its Rain Check Rebate Program, offering incentives to homeowners, businesses, and others to install practices that will improve stormwater runoff quality, reduce runoff quantity, and improve local streams and rivers.

Program Status: This program is currently OPEN. Funds are available on a first come, first served basis, and demand for the program this fiscal year has been high.

What this funds: The Rain Check Rebate Program provides eligible applicants the opportunity to receive a reimbursement for installing approved stormwater management practices. Homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit entities can recoup some of the costs of installing practices covered by the program. At this time, Bowie property owners are not eligible to participate in this program.

How much can be awarded: Up to $4,000 for residential property owners; up to $20,000 for institutional properties,
commercial properties, multi-family dwellings, nonprofit, and not-for-profit organizations, homeowners associations, condominium associations, and civic associations. Projects whose costs exceed the rebate cap must have separate funding to pay for the difference.

Eligible Practices

Project Type Rain Check Program Allowance
Rain Barrel $2/gallon stored
Cistern $2/gallon stored
Urban Tree Canopy $150/tree
Rain Garden $10/square foot
Pavement Removal $6/square foot
Permeable Pavement $12/square foot
Green Roof $10/square foot

Rain Check Rebate Application Process

All Rain Check Rebate applicants must be the property owner and submit an online application. Applications for all projects must be approved by the Trust prior to project installation, with the exception of rain barrel projects. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the Rain Check Coordinator, Hannah Martin, at 410-974-2941 x114 or

Five easy steps to apply for a Rain Check Rebate:

Step 1 – Review the Application Instructions to determine eligibility and learn more about the program and practices you may want to install on the property.

Step 2 – Determine which practices you want to install on your property.

NOTE: If you are unsure which practice(s) might be suitable, submit an application with estimates. The Rain Check Coordinator will help finalize the practice types and sizes during a site visit.

Step 3 – Review and sign the appropriate Property Owner Agreement, and then upload with your online application.

Residential Property Owner Agreement
Commercial, Industrial or Institutional Property Owner Agreement
Nonprofit Public Property Agreement

NOTE: Complete the agreement with as much information as you know, read the Terms and Conditions, and sign the document.

Step 4 – Submit an online application by clicking the “Get Started” button below.

Step 5 – The Rain Check Coordinator will review your application and contact you about next steps. The review process may take up to two weeks after the submission date.

Start a New Application

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Update an Existing Application

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Are you a Non-Profit working on Residential Property?

Non-profits working with residential property owners to install Rain Check Rebate Practices may be eligible for grant funding to receive pre-construction funds. Contact the Rain Check Coordinator to discuss this option before applying.

For more information and to apply: click here.

Program Questions & Technical Support

Hannah Martin
410-974-2941 x114