Fishers, Boaters, and Hunters: You can help!

The Maryland Outdoor Recreation and Clean Water Fund

Fishers, boaters, and hunters who obtain registration or licenses through Maryland Department of Natural Resources Compass online registration system can make a contribution to support fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, wetlands, and K-12 student field trips. Funds will be equally distributed as grants to not-for-profit entities through the Chesapeake Bay Trust and DNR, with an average of 95 cents of every dollar spent on programs.

Your funds WILL go to support fish and wildlife and other projects. Only 5 cents of every dollar is kept to administer the program. Fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, wetland, and student field trip project ideas are solicited from all areas of Maryland. Each project is rigorously reviewed, and grants are made.

Perks Program

Contributors of $10 or more are eligible to become “perks” members and receive discounts at local businesses. These perks are offered for outdoor-related businesses, merchandise, services, dining, automotive services, and more. Click here for a list of discounts and other perks.

Example Projects Supported through Your Contributions

The living shoreline installed on the campus of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum helped to increase fish populations.
The Greensboro Stream and Wetland Enhancement project restored stream bans and wetlands and will enable the Town to expand a nearby park.