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Current Members and Hosts

Welcome Corps Class of 2023-24!

Increasing community and individual stewardship is a critical component of efforts to restore local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay. Corps Members, your service this coming year, and Host Organizations, your participation in the program, will help individuals, communities, organizations, and governments become better stewards of our energy and natural resources. Corps Members, you are placed in various types of organizations all across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. At these organizations, you will be involved in a variety of activities, including:

  1. Promoting, preserving, protecting, and sustaining local streams, rivers, the Bay, and Maryland’s other natural resources;
  2. Working with communities and schools to promote energy conservation and mitigate and prevent threats to the environment;
  3. Pursuing leadership opportunities that will advance your ability to enter environmental and conservation careers;
  4. Obtaining training for careers that will be part of the emerging green economy; and
  5. Educating and training communities and individuals about the long-term actions needed to promote, preserve, protect, and sustain the environment.

Learn from each other! While you will be working in organizations across the Chesapeake Bay watershed, often on disparate issues of energy conservation, environmental restoration, environmental education, and more, you are all part of a cohesive Corps working together towards a common goal. Keep in touch with each other throughout the year and build your team!

Here are Placement Bios to learn more about who is in your cohort, where they are located, and what they will be working on this year.

Resources for Current Program Participants

Click the buttons below to access Corps Member and Host Organization information about Forms & Reporting, the Corps Mini Grant Program, and the All-Hands on Deck Contest.

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Meet your Corps Team!

Hayley Rost
Outreach and Education Program Coordinator
(410) 974-2941 ext. 119

Emily Stransky

Emily Stransky
Program Manager
(410) 974-2941 x101

Jaren Baluyot
Outreach and Education Program Coordinator
(410) 974-2941 x103

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