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Chesapeake Bay Program Goal Implementation Team (GIT) Funding Program

The Chesapeake Bay Trust has been designated to receive federal funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Chesapeake Bay Program Goal Implementation Team Funding Program. The work funded by this initiative advances outcomes identified in the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. Each year, certain outcomes are chosen by the Chesapeake Bay Program as top priorities to address, and these stretch across all Goal Implementation Teams (GIT) and workgroups. For more information about the initiative, view how the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership is organized into committees, goal implementation teams, workgroups and action teams.

What this funds:  This program funds consultant services to provide technical assistance to support Chesapeake Bay Program goals and outcomes. Specific outcomes from several management goals are identified as top priorities and are listed in the Request for Proposals (RFP). This funding is from the CFDA # 66.466.

Two (2) Scopes of Work are currently being re-advertised. These two Scopes of Work were originally advertised in March 2022 (never awarded) and are being re-advertised in this RFP with adjusted scopes of work. Offerors may bid on one or more of the following Scopes of Work:

Scope # FFY21 Scope Title Maximum Bid Amount
Scope of Work 8: Facilitating Brook Trout Outcome Attainability through Coordination with CBP Jurisdictions and Partners $80,000
Scope of Work 11: Understanding and Addressing the Impacts of Wetland Mowing to Facilitate Meeting the Chesapeake Bay Wetland Enhancement Goals $75,000

How much can be awarded: A maximum bid amount is listed above for each Scope of Work included in the RFP.

 Is match required: Match is encouraged but is not required.

 Who can apply: Both not-for profit organizations (academic institutions and non-profits) AND for-profit entities may apply.

 Application Process: The Chesapeake Bay Trust’s applications are all submitted though an online system. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the Trust Program Manager, Sarah Koser at 410-974-2941, ext. 106 or at

FY22 RFP Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions

Question: Am I allowed to list the same person as the Project Leader and the Executive Officer in the online application if I operate as an independent consultant/contractor with no additional staff?
Answer: Yes, you can list yourself as the project lead and executive officer if you are a for-profit entity with only one staff member. Please note that if you are awarded a contract, you will need to have a SAM Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number and will be required to submit a W-9.

Scope of Work 8- Facilitating Brook Trout Outcome Attainability through Coordination with CBP Jurisdictions and Partners

Question: Is there a common “brand” look or a set of graphic templates used by the CBP and/or the Brook Trout Work Group for fact sheets, presentations, and reports?
Answer: No, not for the Brook Trout Work Group.

Question: Is there a desire or need for graphic capabilities?
Answer: No

Question: What degree of familiarity with the Chesapeake Bay Program is sought?
Answer: Generally, the more familiar the organization is with the Chesapeake Bay Program, how it is structured and operates, the more qualified the organization will be.

Question: What degree of familiarity with the Eastern Brook Trout is sought? With other species conservation/restoration approaches?
Answer: It is difficult to quantify the “degree of familiarity,” the general ranking will follow this approach from higher to lower:

  • Familiar with Eastern Brook Trout conservation and restoration programs. 
  • Unfamiliar with Eastern Brook Trout conservation and restoration, but familiar with other fish species conservation/restoration approaches.
  • Unfamiliar with Eastern Brook Trout/other fish species conservation and restoration, but familiar with other species conservation/restoration approaches.
  • Unfamiliar with any species conservation/restoration approaches.

Question: Are there any specific approaches you are seeking for the latter?
Answer: No, this effort is focused on Eastern Brook Trout conservation and restoration, not other species.

Question: Lastly, what degree of familiarity with database development/management is sought?
Answer: The more familiar one is with database development/management, the more qualified they will be. However, familiarity with database development/management is less important than familiarity with Chesapeake Bay Program and Eastern Brook Trout. 

Question: The RFP specifies that products will be delivered in Excel or Word, do the GIT Technical Lead and Project Steering Committee intend the project to use Microsoft Excel as the database management software?
No decisions on the database management software have been made yet. Deliverables in Excel and Word format provide the most compatibility and flexibility with existing information.

QuestionFor Scope #8, what is the timeline for Step #1 due dates of the Draft and Final Workplan?


Step 1: 11/1/2022 – 12/15/2022

Deliverables for this Step include:

  • Kickoff meeting minutes including list of attendees (Word)
  • Draft Workplan by 11/25/2022 (Word)
  • Final Workplan 12/15/2022 (Word)

Question: Is there a preferred tracking/reporting platform the CBP Data Center Team and the Brook Trout Work Group would like to use for the database?
Answer: The Technical Lead for this project does not have a preferred tracking/reporting platform but anticipates using readily available applications as opposed to a unique, custom-built one. 

Program Status: CLOSED

View the RFP, here.

Deadline was: Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 4pm EDT

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