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 Charles County Forestry

The Charles County Forestry Grant Program aims to implement cost-effective reforestation projects in the County to increase tree canopy and as a result create forest habitat and improve water quality in the county’s local watersheds and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. By increasing tree cover and expanding green areas, erosion can be reduced, water and soil quality can be improved, airborne pollutants such as particulates, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide can be filtered, and summer temperatures and resulting ozone pollution and energy use can be reduced.

Who can apply: Project site proposals are sought from individuals, nonprofit organizations, and contractors. Projects on individual private, commercial private, community-owned, school sites, and nonprofit owned property are eligible for funding. Projects on federal and state land cannot be considered under this funding source. Proposed project sites will need to sign a property agreement stating they agree to preserve and protect the conservation values of the planting project for a minimum of ten years.

Applications may include any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization such as local watershed groups, community associations, faith-based organizations, public agencies, Soil/Water Conservation Districts, individual landowners, contractors, and more. See the RFP for the full list or organizations.

This opportunity is open to:

  • (a) applicants who have the capacity and interest in leading a project through implementation
  • (b) applicants, such as individual landowners or small homeowners associations, who have project site ideas that they would like to offer for tree planting projects, but who are not able serve as project leads.

Applicants may therefore apply to either:

  • (a) serve as project manager to implement a forestry project (Track A), or offer project site ideas and obtain technical assistance from the Trust in implementing a forestry project (Track B).

What this funds: For those requesting funds through Track A, funds may be requested for:

  • Plant material;
  • Site preparation costs (soil amendment, invasive species removal);
  • Planting costs;
  • Two-year maintenance costs;
  • For not-for-profit entities, project management costs.

How much can be awarded: Requests for funding from this program will generally be less than $20,000 and should be generally less than $4,500 per acre.

Is match required? Match is encouraged but is not required.

Program Status: OPEN

Deadline: Rolling

Click Here to View the Request for Proposals (RFP)

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Marylin Veiman-Echeverría
Program Officer for Outreach and Education
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