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Chesapeake Conservation and Climate Corps

All-Hands on Deck Contest

Each year the Chesapeake Conservation and Climate Corps offers five All-Hands on Deck project days coordinated, hosted, and attended by Corps Members in the final months of the program. The All-Hands on Deck Contest is a way to select five project day proposals of which each Corps Member will be required to attend three or more. Corps Members, with the Host Organization mentors, should consider what they’d like to propose and are more than welcome to discuss project day ideas with Trust staff.

What does this contest fund? This program funds one-day project ideas that can be accomplished on at least one of five dates which all Corps Members will be required to participate in. The major goals of the project should be: 1) to accomplish on-the-ground restoration, education, energy conservation, agricultural practices, forestry practices, and/or infrastructure work, 2) to educate your fellow Corps Members on the practices/issues you are addressing, and to engage the entire class of Corps Members in meaningful service.

Who can apply? Current Corps Members may apply to the program on behalf of their Host Organization. Corps Members may partner with other Corps Members to submit a joint project proposal. Note: If Corps Members do submit a joint proposal, they will need to submit using the information for the Host Organization that will receive the funding if selected.

How much can be awarded? Requests up to $2,000.

Process and Timeline: Chesapeake Bay Trust applications are all submitted through our online system linked to the right. You will be required to submit the online application form, narrative form, and Financial Management Spreadsheet. Proposals will be reviewed by a combination of Trust staff and objective Corps community members. Decisions will be released by March 15, 2024.

2024-2025 All-Hands Event Dates: 2025 – April 26, May 17, June 14 July 12, July 26.

Final Reporting: The final report must be submitted prior to the completion of service in August 2024.

Contest Status: CLOSED

Proposal Deadline was: Thursday, February 15th 2024 at 4:00 PM EST

Manage an Existing Proposal or Award

Questions & Technical Support

Carlton Burns
Outreach and Education
Program Coordinator
410-974-2941 x 125

Hayley Rost
Outreach and Education
Program Coordinator
410-974-2941 x 119

Example All-Hands on Deck Events

Friends of Jug Bay – Nature Discovery Area Renovation at Jug Bay

The Nature Discovery Area at the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary Proper (JBWS) was constructed during a previous Corps All-Hands on Deck event. This natural space is used weekly by many families and their kids when they visit JBWS, however, due to the natural elements and wear and tear over time many elements have deteriorated and need to be fixed or replaced.

Corps Members spent the morning removing invasive species, restoring discovery area signs, and installing new elements like a seesaw and tic tac toe table. In the afternoon the Corps Members went on a hike to the Patuxent River Pier where they went on a Pontoon Boat Ride down the river.

Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park – Bee Present Pollinator Garden

The Bee Present Pollinator Garden project, at Annapolis Maritime Museum park campus, focused on creating habitat for local and migratory pollinators. The successfully implemented garden will be used to educate students on the importance of pollinators with lessons about bees, butterflies, birds, and other insects and encourage visitors and community members to slow down to admire and interact with their surroundings.

Corps Members spent the morning removing over 2000 sq. ft. of invasive species and planted native perennials that comprise the pollinator garden and took a group hike in the afternoon at the AMM Park Campus.

American Chestnut Land Trust – Land Stewardship at ACLT

The All-Hands project day included efforts to support ACLT’s mission to produce and donate organic produce from their 1-acre farm, sustain a healthy ecosystem by removing invasive plant species, and maintain public access to protected lands without
causing harm to the watershed.

Corps Members spent the morning performing maintenance on Double Oak Farm, removing patches of invasive wavyleaf basketgrass from ACLT’s conserved land, and participating in sustainable trail building. In the afternoon Corps Members went on a group hike to nearby Parkers Creek.

ShoreRivers – Class on the Fras

Removing invasive water chestnut plant from the Sassafras River is essential for the health of the river’s ecosystems and water quality. If not properly pulled, the aquatic species has the ability to quickly cover regions of the river and outcompete native SAV plants for sunlight and other properties.

Corps Members spent the day removing invasive Eurasian water chestnut in Turner’s Creek on the Sassafras River, learning about the history and ecology of the Sassafras River and watershed from the Sassafras Riverkeeper Zack Kelleher, and directly experiencing the Sassafras River ecology and Eastern Shore environment through an afternoon of kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and hiking.

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