Welcome class of 2020-21! Increasing community and individual stewardship is a critical component of efforts to restore local streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Corps Members, your service this coming year, and Host Organizations, your participation in the program, will help individuals,  communities, organizations, and governments become better stewards of our energy and natural resources.  Corps Members, you are placed in various types of organizations all across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  At these organizations, you will be involved in a variety of activities, including:

At these organizations, you will be involved in a variety of activities, including:

  1. Promoting, preserving, protecting, and sustaining local streams, rivers, the Bay, and Maryland’s other natural resources;
  2. Working with communities and schools to promote energy conservation and mitigate and prevent threats to the environment;
  3. Pursuing leadership opportunities that will advance your ability to enter environmental and conservation careers;
  4. Obtaining training for careers that will be part of the emerging green economy; and
  5. Educating and training communities and individuals about the long-term actions needed to promote, preserve, protect, and sustain the environment.

Learn from each other! While you will be working in organizations across the Chesapeake Bay watershed, often on disparate issues of energy conservation, environmental restoration, environmental education, and more, you are all part of a cohesive Corps working together towards a common goal.  Keep in touch with each other throughout the year, learn from each other, and build your team!

Here are Placement Bios to learn more about who is in your cohort, where they are located, and what they will be working on this year.

To help keep in touch please post on and use the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!


Twitter: @ChesConsCorps

Instagram: @chesconscorps

Corps Mini Grant

Corps Members are invited to submit one grant proposal each to the Trust’s Mini Grant Program designed specifically for the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program.

These grants can be used to fund a wide range of activities, and are meant to:

  • Support the Capstone Project or other project in the work plan that is managed by the Corps Member, and
  • Provide the Corps Member with grant-writing experience.

Corps Members, with the Host Organization mentors, should begin to think about what they’d like to propose in the Mini Grant applications after their work plans are completed.  Both Members and Mentors are more than welcome to discuss project ideas with Trust staff.  Proposals must be received by the Trust by 4:00 pm EST. on March 18, 2021 to ensure enough time to complete the project and review the final report prior to the completion of service in August 2019.  The maximum request is $1,250.

Request for Proposal
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Manage Existing Application


Final Report Form

Deadline: Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis until March 18, 2021 at 4 pm EST.

Timeline: Proposals will be reviewed by a combination of Trust staff and decisions released 6 weeks after proposal submission.

Example Projects

Neighborhood Design Center
Accokeek Foundation
National Aquarium

All-Hands on Deck Proposals

Three of the mandatory training events this year will be proposed by YOU, the Corps Members!

You will be holding four dates on your calendars for these mandatory events, of which three will be chosen.  All Corps Members are welcome to submit a one-day project idea that can be accomplished on at least one of four dates in which all Corps Members will be required to participate.

The goals of the project should be to:

  • Accomplish on-the-ground restoration, education, energy conservation, agricultural practices, forestry practices, and/or infrastructure work.
  • Educate your fellow Corps Members on the practices/issues you are addressing.
  • Engage the entire class of Corps Members in meaningful service.

Application Closed
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Narrative Form

Deadline: February 18, 2021 at 4 pm EST.

Timeline: Decisions released by March 12, 2021. Items to consider:

  • Choices of project date in 2021 – April 30 1, May 21, June 18, July 16
  • Cost is not to exceed $1,500
  • Proposals are reviewed by Trust staff and a panel of objective Corps community members.


All Corps Members and Mentors must submit quarterly reports to the Chesapeake Bay Trust due December 1, 2020, March 1, 2021, and June 1, 2021 and a cumulative final report covering the full service term due August 13, 2021.

Host Status Report Form
Host Final Report Form
Member Status Report Form
Member Final Report Form
Volunteer Participation Certification Form

Program Forms

Work Plan Template: Submitted in October or November after approval from the Trust per the Work Plan Meeting. The form includes major project goals, tasks and priority levels for the entire year.

Work Plan Revision Form: Submitted if there is any significant change to the finalized work plan. Corps Members & Mentors must submit the form along with an updated version of the Work Plan.

Mentor Transition Form: Submitted when there is a need for the official Corps Mentor to change from one person to another. The form includes information such as the need for the change and any impact to the Corps Member or Work Plan.

Report of Injury Form: Submitted if a Corps Member is injured while working for their Host Organization.

Performance Issue Resolution Process: Given the quality of Host Sites and Corps Members, and thoroughness of the match process, we anticipate no performance issues during the Chesapeake Conservation Corps year. However, the following process should be followed should an issue arise.

Withdrawal Form: Submitted if a Corps Member elects to withdraw from the program early for any reason, they must to inform their Mentor and then the Trust at least 2 weeks before submitting the Withdrawal Form.  The form includes information such as the intended date of departure and the reasons for withdrawing for the program.

Online Account System

Access your applications, grants and reports

Tara Drennan
Senior Program Officer
(410) 974-2941 x102

Contact (Mini Grants and All Hands Program)
Joe Toolan
Outreach and Education Program Assistant
(410) 974-2941 x 116