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Tree Adoption Program Engages Residents and Increases Tree Canopy

By April 17, 2019April 22nd, 2019Blog

Prince George’s County, Maryland nonprofit increases tree canopy and engages residents through tree adoption program.

In the video above, Executive Director of Global Health and Education Projects (GHEP), Romuladus Azuine, talks about the Family Tree Adoption Program (FTAP) and its impact on the community.

Global Health and Education Projects is a nonprofit organization based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. They developed the Family Tree Adoption Program to increase the amount of trees in Prince George’s County and educate the community about the many benefits trees provide. Trees clean the air, prevent water pollution, reduces energy costs, lowers city temperatures, and much more.

Through FTAP, homeowners in Prince George’s County, including those in Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) communities, receive native trees and shrubs to plant on their property. Once planted, the residents and their families adopt the trees and agree to care for and maintain them. In addition, GHEP hosts tree planting demonstrations and workshops to increase community participation and awareness about the benefits of trees and the connection to human health.

In 2015 and 2017, GHEP received two grant awards through the Prince George’s Stormwater Stewardship Grant Program to pilot and support the development of FTAP. These two projects resulted in over 200 trees planted on private residential properties. More recently, in December 2018, GHEP received a grant award through the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s Outreach and Restoration Grant Program. With this grant award, GHEP will plant an additional 100 trees in the County.

Hundreds of families have adopted trees and learned the benefits to their families, their community, and the environment. Families in Prince George’s County interested in planting trees on their property can contact GHEP for tree availability or participate in the County’s Rain Check Rebate Program.

Thanks Global Health and Education Projects and their Family Tree Adoption Program for helping to keep our communities clean and healthy and educating residents about the importance of trees!

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