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Supplemental Environmental Projects

The Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP) funding opportunity is currently under construction. This funding opportunity will serve the Curtis Bay and Surrounding Communities, and the Patapsco River and Back River Watersheds.

Please check back often for updates, and learn more about each SEP below! We encourage you to reach out with questions, thoughts, and input at any point in the process. Contact information for each SEP body of work is below.

Contact Information

Curtis Bay and Surrounding Communities SEP

Kathy Somoza

410-974-2941 x120

Patapsco River and Back River Watersheds SEP

Delaney Samons

410-974-2941 x131

Please note: This is a tentative timeline, provided as a guideline to our target dates for key milestones in this process. We will try to share any major updates or changes to this timeline as we move forward!

View fact sheets, listening session resources, and additional resources for each SEP.

Curtis Bay and Surrounding Communities

Patapsco River and Back River Watersheds

Office Hours
The Trust held office hours for both SEP bodies of work on 3/12 (12pm to 1pm) and 3/19 (6:30pm to 7:30pm). At these office hours, a sample of the proposed evaluation criteria were presented and attendees were invited to give feedback and ask general questions about the SEP funding. The notes from these office hours are below.

Additional Resources

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