Prince George’s Stormwater Stewardship Grant Program

The Prince George’s County Government and the Chesapeake Bay Trust announce the fourth year of our partnership to support projects throughout Prince George’s County that aid the community while treating and controlling stormwater. The goal of this program is to improve communities, improve water quality in the County’s waterways, and engage County residents in stormwater issues.

What this funds: The Prince George’s County Stormwater Stewardship Grant Program funds on-the-ground restoration activities that improve communities and water quality and engage Prince George’s County residents in the restoration and protection of the local rivers and streams of Prince George’s County.

Proposals that meet or exceed the “Jobs First Act” CB-17-2011 are preferred.

Grant applicants are encouraged to coordinate with the County’s Supplier Development and Diversity Division ( for County-based certified small business use in connection with the implementation of proposed grant projects. County-based business and County-based small business certification under CB-74-2016 (DR2) undergo extensive certification review through their existing minority business enterprise certification procedures, which establish capabilities and their principal places of operation in the County.

All applications go through a Technical Review Committee. The technical team reviews the proposals based on cost benefit, experience, suitability for implementation, consistency with the Request for Proposals (RFP), sustainability, and other selection criteria that are relevant to the proposal and that are published in the RFP.

The DoE Clean Water Map provides past project locations, Transforming Neighborhood Initiative areas (preferred areas for project locations), and other mapping information that can support your project development/management.

Who can apply: Non-profit organizations,  municipalities, faith-based organizations, education institutions, community associations, civic groups, and more.

How much can be awarded and project types : Water quality projects (track 1) for $20,000 to $150,000 and citizen awareness and engagement projects (track 2) for $5,000 to $50,000. Larger requests are possible with prior approval from the Trust.

In addition, Technical Assistance applications for specific work orders are available as follows: Alternative Compliance Program (track 3), to plant trees (track 4), to provide environmental education (track 5), and to reduce trash in the Anacostia (track 6). Contact the Trust prior to applying for a Technical Assistance track.

Project location: Prince George’s County, Maryland, excluding the City of Bowie. All projects are done in Prince George’s County and support citizens in Prince George’s County.

Anacostia Watershed Society is “Treating and Teaching” with Prince George’s County students.

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Grant application is closed (check back in June/July 2018)

Manage an Existing Grant

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Questions & Technical Support

Sadie Drescher
(410) 974-2941 ext. 105

Additional Resources:

Prince George’s County Newsletter

This newsletter energizes citizens to engage in clean water actions by sharing success stories and information on the Prince George’s Stormwater Stewardship grant program and Rain Check Rebate program. Delivered throughout the year via email.

Prince George’s Stormwater Stewardship Grantees Hard at Work in the Community!

Centro de Apoyo Familiar (CAF) has made incredible connections with under-served Latino communities in the Prince George’s county using a train-the-trainer model and working in collaboration with faith based organizations as part of CAF's network of churches called the Connectors. CAF's training-the-trainer model consists of training church promotoras (community church educators) to provide educational workshops about stormwater to Prince George’s county Latino residents.

Centro de Apoyo Familiar was funded in 2016 by the Chesapeake Bay Trust [through the Prince George's Stormwater Stewardship grant program] to initiate the Aguas Sanas: Familias Sanas (Healthy Waters: Healthy Homes) project making huge strides by reaching out more than 200 low income families predominately Hispanic and immigrant population from the Prince George’s county who face poverty and an unfair share of environmental burdens.

Walkiria PoolPresident and Founder of Centro de Apoyo Familiar

The Family Tree Adoption Program planted trees and engaged citizens in Riverdale, Bladensburg, Landover, Glendale, Hyattsville, and Mount Rainier. The Prince George’s Stormwater Stewardship grant program funding allowed us to extend our nonprofit’s reach and to learn more about tree planting and the maintenance needed to keep trees healthy. We will build on this work and continue to engage citizens with a recent award to Global Health Education Projects, Inc.

Romuladus E. Azuine, Ph.D.Executive Director, Global Health Education Projects, Inc.