Prince George’s County Litter Reduction and Citizen Engagement Mini Grant


The Prince George’s County Government and the Chesapeake Bay Trust announce this grant opportunity to support litter reduction and litter-related citizen engagement projects. This program will support efforts that engage and educate residents, students, and businesses about ways to make their communities cleaner and greener.

What this funds: Community-driven litter reduction and litter-related citizen engagement projects in Prince George’s County, excluding the City of Bowie. Reimbursement funding for completed projects is not allowed.

Example projects:

  • Community clean-ups that engage students and businesses
  • “Adopt-a-Stream” projects to remove litter from a local stream
  • Storm drain stenciling where art is used to educate residents about the importance of keeping litter out of the storm drains.

View the Request for Proposal (RFP) for a list of example project goals and project types.

Who can apply: The project must be led by the community where the project work will be done.

  • Community-based organizations such as homeowner associations, civic associations, and/or non-profits.
  • Small municipalities (<5,000 residents). Municipalities with a population less than 5,000 are likely not to have robust litter reduction efforts or programs or staff to support litter reduction programs and are therefore eligible for this funding opportunity.

If you are a faith-based organization, we encourage you to be a partner for a community group nearby that will serve as the lead applicant for this program. Also, participating in a litter reduction project can support Options 2 (Outreach and Education) and 3 (Green Care and Good Housekeeping) of the Alternative Compliance Program.

If you are a resident, we encourage you to reach out to your homeowner’s association, civic association, or other community group and share this opportunity.

How much can be awarded: Up to $2,500.

Is match required? Match is encouraged, but not required.

Grant Application Process: The Chesapeake Bay Trust’s grant applications are all submitted through an online system. Click the “Get Started” button to access the online application. Please contact Nguyen Le at if you have questions or need assistance.

Program Status: CLOSED

This program is temporarily closed. Check back for updates to the program.

To view the Request for Proposal (RFP), click here.

Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funds for this fiscal year are exhausted. 

*Please note that applications must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of the proposed project.

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