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The Pioneer Grant Program aims to reduce nutrient and/or sediment contaminant loads to the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Coastal Bays from any nonpoint source: agriculture, urban or suburban stormwater, air, and septic by seeking proposals that focus on new techniques, information, or programs that increase the rate at which load reductions can occur.

What this funds: The Trust is open to various types of projects to accelerate the rates of nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorous) and/or sediment load reduction in the realms of agriculture, stormwater, air, and septic.

Projects may be focused in the following categories:

  • New Techniques: Projects that seek to evaluate nutrient, sediment, and/or toxic load reduction values or efficiencies of new Best Management Practices (BMPs) in real-world or demonstration-scale settings. Projects seeking to reduce toxic loading can apply for funds associated with testing and demonstration of new techniques since little implementation has occurred to date.
  • New Information: Projects that seek to refine nutrient and/or sediment load reduction values or efficiencies of one or more Best Management Practices (BMPs) in order to improve targeting and cost-effectiveness of existing restoration programs.
  • New Programs: Projects that seek to create or contribute to new programs based on accepted Best Management Practices (BMPs). The purpose of such new programs should be to bring new, creative ideas to the implementation or financing of nutrient and/or sediment load reductions. The ultimate goal should be to accelerate Bay restoration.

Who can apply: Non-profit organizations, higher educational institutions, soil/water conservation districts, local governments, and more. See RFP for full list of organizations.

How much can be awarded: $5,001 – $75,000.

Is match required? No, but applicants are strongly encouraged to leverage Trust support with cash and in kind match.

Grant Application Process: The Chesapeake Bay Trust’s grant applications are all submitted though an online system. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact this program’s grant manager, Sarah Koser at at 410-974-2941, ex 106.

Example Projects

Program Status: CLOSED

To view the most recent RFP, click here.

Deadline: was Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 5pm

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Currently closed. Check back for updates.

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