Forms and Policies

Financial Management Spreadsheet (FMS)

Applicants are required to submit a budget using the Trust’s Financial Management Spreadsheet (FMS) as part of their application package. Complete the Application Budget worksheet of the FMS and submit the entire spreadsheet document with the online application. If you are awarded funding, the same FMS submitted with your application will be used throughout the entirety of the award.

We strongly encourage all applicants, awardees, and contractors to view the webinar explaining how to best use the FMS.

The FMS will be used when:

  • Providing an updated budget based on award agreement instructions
  • Reporting expenses in an ongoing award as part of status reports
  • Requesting changes to your budget during an award
  • Reporting expenses as part of a final report

Examples of completed forms:

Managing Your Award

All requirements and reports must be submitted using the Chesapeake Bay Trust online system. You will need to log in with your existing username and password that is associated with your award. Refer to your Award Agreement for details.

Common Requirements and Reports

  • Timesheets
    If your award includes funds for personnel, you may be required to submit timesheets as backup documentation. Use this template if your organization does not provide a timesheet template or if your organization’s timesheet does not allow for tracking of personnel time by job code.
    Download Timesheet Template
  • Award Revision Requests
    If you would like to request approval for a significant change in project scope or budget (refer to your Award Agreement for details), use the Award Revision Request requirement in your account on our online system. Budget revision requests must be accompanied with the Budget Revision worksheet of your FMS filled out.
  • Progress Report
    Progress reports are short narrative updates about your project.  They do not need to be accompanied by any financial information.  Complete the Progress Report requirement found in your account on our online system.
  • Status and Final Report Narratives
    Status and final report narratives are detailed updates about your project. In addition to the narrative, you will need to submit other items as described on your Award Agreement using the Status Report and Final Report requirements found in your account on our online system.
    Access Status and Final Report Narratives

Other Important Documents and Forms