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Welcome to the Chesapeake Bay Trust

Thank you for your commitment to YOUR Bay and local community. Your involvement helps ensure the high priority restoration projects needed in the Chesapeake region are funded this year. Our grants are made possible through individual and corporate donations, funding partnerships, and programs like: 

Join your friends and neighbors in becoming part of the critical work ahead. All of us doing our part is exactly how the Chesapeake Bay Trust got started more than 35 years ago. Since then, the Trust has supported more than 12,000 conservation projects across the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed. Last year, contributions from people like you helped the Trust fund nearly 400 programs.

Your support ensures we can meet the growing need for resources this year.  Explore below to see how you can get involved and make a difference.


Our Interactive Map

Find projects and organizations making an impact in your community with our Awarded Projects Map.


Grant Opportunities

Find out if your community or organization is eligible for grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.



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Make a Gift to Make an Impact

Your support helps restore and protect
the Chesapeake, its rivers, streams and local communities.

Donate today to help accomplish the most important projects for a cleaner, healthier Chesapeake region.

When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, you’re supporting on-the-ground projects that help to make a significant impact for our Bay. Your support is not just a gift; it is an investment in clean air and water in our local communities.

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