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Be a part of the Capital Campaign for the Chesapeake Bay Trust

We’re halfway there! Explore how the Trust’s upcoming green renovations will treat our stormwater, conserve our energy, and model the best and brightest net zero practices so businesses and homeowners can join the movement.

The Chesapeake Bay Trust intends to transform our half-acre campus in Annapolis into a realistic scale, state-of-the-art model of a net zero property for energy and stormwater. Our vision is an organizational headquarters, community gathering space, and demonstration property that, by design, is neither a source of waste or water pollution nor consumes more energy than it produces.

While inspired by green buildings of a grander size, the Trust’s renovated building and grounds will meet the community’s need for examples that show both implementation and maintenance of cost-effective, realistic practices that are feasibly adaptable by average property owners. The Trust’s 10,500 square foot space mirrors that of a typical commercial building in the United States, perfect as a demonstration property. At a projected renovation cost of $95 per square foot, the Trust believes this building will provide a highly cost-effective “everyday office” model for others.

The Trust completed Phase I of this plan in 2019 through the construction of our primary office space and will break ground on a $1 million Phase II renovation project in early 2023. Plans include treating our polluted stormwater through the innovative use of rain gardens and cisterns, stormwater planters, bioretention cells, and a new pervious parking lot; meeting our own energy needs through solar panels and smart energy consumption; integrating waste water conservation methods, and expanding our sustainable business practices and institutional stewardship ethos.

Our goal is to foster a community – and build a special space – where those who are curious or passionate about minimizing their environmental footprint can explore sustainable techniques and technologies, as well as their maintenances, costs, and impacts. As the Trust hosts thousands of technical experts, grantees, community members, and other guests on our campus each year, and as we empower tens of thousands more resident stewards to take meaningful action to restore and protect the Bay, now is the time for the Chesapeake Bay Trust to lead in this critical way.

Be a part of the Capital Campaign for the Chesapeake Bay Trust and help us meet our green grounds vision. Learn more about how you can make a donation today.

About the Trust
The Chesapeake Bay Trust shares a bold vision for a restored and protected Chesapeake Bay watershed and other natural resources in our area—from the Coastal Bays to the Chesapeake to the Youghiogheny River.  We uniquely empower local community-based groups on the ground with the resources they need to take on a meaningful and measurable role in restoring forests, streams, rivers, bays, wildlife, and more in their own communities.
The Trust empowers these groups by providing grants and technical assistance. Every year, about 400 groups are awarded project money or provided other assistance to accomplish environmental education, community outreach, and local watershed restoration projects. Since 1985, the Trust has awarded $140 million in grants and engaged hundreds of thousands of resident stewards in projects that have a measurable impact.
The Trust has received the highest rating from Charity Navigator for over two decades: on average 90 percent of the Trust’s expenditures are directed to its restoration and education programs.
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